Flash News: Moving to ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Commitment to Quality

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Management System

The Mega Group prides itself in delivering quality systems and support services to its clients. Its ISO9001:2015-Certified Management System ensures continual process improvement resulting in better delivery of products and services to its customers.

Customer ServiceThe group employs its own fully-staffed customer service department handling all support and maintenance issues for its clients nationwide.

Your one-stop provider for all your ICT needs

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The Mega Group offers full, turn-key solutions, to all your ICT needs. From consultancy, project management, systems design and development, integration, data conversion, hardware provision, network planning / implementation, hardware / software maintenance, facilities management, operations support… We have the experience and expertise to provide you all, or a combination of those services — in a seamless fashion.

Proven Service and Experience

By virtue of its unblemished reputation and technical excellence in project development and implementation, the Mega Group has been awarded some of the largest and most demanding projects available.

  • For the Philippine government, the Mega Group handled for decades, both the Clearance Processing / Criminal History Database for the National Bureau of Investigation and the Driver’s License Database / Card Production System for the Land Transportation Office, and for several years oversees the Professional ID Card Production System for the Professional Regulation Commission. Mega has also been tasked for smaller mid-sized contracts for the AFP, PNP, OWWA, COMELEC, DFA, CSC, City Government of Pasig and other government agencies.
  • For banks and the credit card industry, it has 80% of the market share of all card central issuance systems and 40% share for desktop issuance. One of its member corporations, Omega Computer Corporation, has been the exclusive Philippine distributor of Datacard Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of credit card, bank card and high-security plastic card equipment. Datacard Corporation is the world’s leader in innovative plastic card personalization and management solutions.
  • For gaming and lottery systems, it has developed and implemented the multi-mall linked GoGo Bingo System for the Ever-Gotesco Malls, Nationwide Online Bingo/Keno system in Romania, and National Lottery contracts for Cambodia and Equatorial Guinea.
  • For data conversion, encoding, database and document management system, Mega has been entrusted to encode and convert data for the most demanding and security-intensive contracts like the National Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal History Database, the Civil Service Commission Database and Document Management System<, the Australian and New Zealand Legal Database, Credit Card and Account Data for several local banks and credit card companies, and other Offshore Data Conversion Services clients like AMARC in Paramatta, NSW and Yellow Pages.
  • For the barcode and retail industry, Mega pioneered in the Barcoding industry when it established Symbol Sciences Philippines. Symbol Sciences, which locally represents Symbol Technologies, dominated 95% of the retail and industrial Barcoding market when it was formed in 1993.
  • For manpower management system, a seafarer version of the system was developed for Elburg Shipmanagement Philippines, Inc and for Crewtech Shipmanagement Philippines, Inc.
  • For event management system, a system was developed for the Philippine Professional Commission and was later on adopted by its member organization, the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists, Inc. (IPAO). The Event Management System is still being used by IPAO (since 2010).
  • For traffic apprehension system, the system was developed for the City of Pasig Traffic and Parking Management Office (TPMO-Pasig). The Traffic Apprehension System is still being used by TPMO-Pasig (since 2010).
  • For election systems, Botong Pinoy, developed by the Mega Data Corporation, was pushed by the Philippine Software Industries Association as proof of concept and teaching tool during the advocacy lobby for revision of the Philippine Omnibus Election Code. Botong Pinoy development has effectively ceased when the Election Automation Law has been successfully passed, but it has been adopted as the de facto standard for secure voting systems by several big organizations.

    The Botong Pinoy System has been, and is still being used (since 2005) by the Philippine Stock Exchange for its proven transparency, security and ease of use. In October 2017, Santa Elena Golf Club Inc. used the the system for their Board of Directors Election. The Botong Pinoy system is also being used by the Philippine National Red Cross and a host of schools, corporation and NGOs.


Building systems to last

The Mega Group has been in existence since 1982, an offshoot of the defunct Summa Computer Services Corporation of the Herdis Group founded in 1974. From then until now, it has continuously supported and upgraded all its developed products and completed services.

As representative examples, the system developed for the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) started off as a diskette-based applications written in the BASICA language for IBM PCs, and the Land Transportation (LTO) system was in COBOL using IBM 4341 mainframe. As with most of our projects, we are proud to say that we have continually supported them through thick and thin, and our systems have aged gracefully with continuous improvements as new technologies presented themselves.

We are committed to designing and building systems to last.

Economies of Scale

The Mega group brings with it more than 100 man-years of solid experience and expertise in diverse technologies and professions. We leverage this enormous capability in all of our projects to ensure perfect understanding of the project requirements, lower development costs, and higher quality products and services.