About us

Our Legacy to Serve

The group traces its roots from the pioneering Summa Computer Services Corporation (SCSC), which was founded in 1974 and in 1982 was acquired by its CHAIRMAN and FOUNDER to form what is now known as the Mega Group of Companies. It has now grown to a multinational conglomerate of 31 companies specializing in high technology systems based in the Philippines with offices in the US, Shanghai-China, Singapore, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Bangalore-India and Frankfurt-Germany. It has also been active in the Middle East, South America, Australia and in the Eastern Bloc countries, either through wholly owned companies or through joint ventures. It continually strives to be a leader in all its business endeavors to continue its legacy to service.

Each company in the group operates in a unique niche market. Included in the extensive range of products and services offered for the benefit of our patrons are:

  • Systems Integration
  • Data Conversion
  • Software Development
  • Biometrics Systems
  • Plastic Card Solutions
  • Barcoding
  • Computer-Based Gaming
  • Document Imaging
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Agribusiness and Cutflowers
  • Real Estate Development

Excellence through Distinction and Dynamism:

Being one of the acknowledged pioneers in the Information Technology Industry in the Philippines, the Mega Group of Companies provides world-class solutions as well as innovative, differentiated and high value-added products and services, in order to help make its customers more productive, competitive and profitable. The group aspires for excellence in everything it does.

This corporate culture of excellence has inspired dynamism in harnessing resources to go beyond what is expected, to surpass its own standards, to make that essential difference in its client’s business.


What We Value

Integrity and Primacy of the Person – We are a company of professionals whose unique roles and individual contributions toward corporate goals provide us with concrete opportunities to develop character and purpose in our professional and personal lives.

Dignity of Work – Work allows us to fulfill a fundamental human need: our drive to be productive and useful. Our company engenders in us a sense of pride and satisfaction in the fruits of our talents and efforts as part of a dynamic and well-knit team.

Pride in Excellence – We strive for excellence because turning out the highest quality products and services is the most fitting tribute to our customers and society at large, to our company, to our colleagues and to ourselves. This means stretching our performance to level that matches and even exceeds our corporate goals.

Key Officers

Rafael M. Garcia III
Chairman Emeritus / Chief Executive Officer

Rafael A. Garcia IV
President / Chief Executive Officer / Chief Marketing Officer

Susanna G. Guzman
Chief Financial Officer

Katrina G. Diaz
Chief Administrative Officer / QMR